sAVe- Universally Accessible Ridesharing Video

sAVe- Universally Accessible Ridesharing Video

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Team: IBI Group

sAVe is a Service platform that offers multi-modal ridesharing services that will include automated vehicles as they become available. sAVe provides trip service in underserved neighborhoods and connects those residents to public transit hubs that they cannot otherwise access conveniently. In order to meet the needs of all users, sAVe rides can be found and booked via smartphone app, community kiosk, or by speaking with a customer service representative. The service offers the benefits of leveraging existing public infrastructure without increasing the number of private vehicles in already-congested areas, providing a social opportunity with associated rewards incentives to residents who choose to affordably ride-share with other community members, and gradually introducing AVs to new populations who may not otherwise get to experience or benefit from this technology.

The Driverless Future Challenge sought proposals that would actively shape the city’s response to driverless cars. Entries from more than 25 countries proposed everything from driverless food carts and a fully-autonomous MTA transit system, to enhanced use of NYC’s 311 system as a driverless dispatching center, and Link NYC Wifi stations that become stops for autonomous micro-busses.



sAVe- Universally Accessible Ridesharing from BlankSpaceNYC on Vimeo.

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