Over 300 Women Including IBI Group Attend AIA Women’s Leadership Summit

Over 300 Women Including IBI Group Attend AIA Women’s Leadership Summit

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The Women’s Leadership Summit 2017 was a two-day event focused on supporting women architects, creating new paths to leadership, and providing a forum to recognize and champion their work.

IBI Group NYC office staff traveled to Washington DC to represent the firm at this important, eye-opening event. Co-workers Theresa, Mar, Carina, and Nehemie were there to some break glass ceilings and to create more opportunities for women all over the world.

“The key note speaker was inspirational,” Theresa said. “The whole event was basically saying women have come a long way.” She paused, “Still, the summit had us not forget that women have a long way to go in career opportunities.”

“There were women from all ages there.” Carina said. “Those who spoke made it clear to young women it is definitely OK to make mistakes. These were women who owned their own firms.”

Even Beverly Willis was there. Beverly Willis is an American architect who played a major role in the development of many architectural concepts. She is almost 90-years-old and was proud to bring an influence to the younger architects at the summit.

Mar said, “I felt the key word for the whole event was ‘encouragement’. It was wonderful seeing so many career women in one room. We all came from different walks of life, but had something in common.”

“The event was very empowering. Being new to the profession, it was very inspiring to meet so many women in the architecture profession and to hear about each of their personal career stories. Such as where they are today and where they will go next.” said Nehemie.


Visiting the sights…

While on their trip to D.C., they made sure to take photos of all the historic design and architecture. They were able to admire the Washington Monument, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the United States Capitol Building, and more.


“Creating Tailwinds” was the theme of the summit with Table Talks…

“Creating Tailwinds” was the theme of the summit with Table Talks being one of the most popular happenings. Table Topics were an opportunity to discuss subjects relevant to being a leader in the workplace. As an attendee of Women’s Leadership Summit 2017, IBI’s staff had the opportunity to discuss the topic of their choosing with their peers.

What began as a grassroots effort in Boston is now a biannual sold-out event that influences the national conversation around gender and diversity in the architecture profession.



Summit goals included:

  • Raising the profile of women principals and leaders in the profession
  • Sharing and promoting the design work of women
  • Exploring new paths to leadership
  • Learning from each other regarding issues and challenges


Key Speakers:

Susan Colantuono

Susan L. Colantuono is the CEO of Leading Women, one of the world’s premier consulting firms supporting corporate initiatives to advance women and close the leadership gender gap. She founded and ran the Women’s Institute of Leadership at Bryant University from 2002 to 2010; is the author of No Ceiling, No Walls: What Women Haven’t Been Told About Leadership; Make the Most of Mentoring; and innumerable articles about the leadership gender gap, leadership, and women’s advancement.

Dina Griffin

Dina became president of IDEA in 1999. Her experience in educational, municipal and corporate projects contributes significantly to the firm’s capacities and her adept leadership and collaborative skills are invaluable to all projects, especially those with multiple stakeholder groups. She often oversees interior architecture, FF&E and finishing details on projects, in addition to her duties managing the firm’s daily operation.


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