CANstruction 2011 – “Best Use of Labels”

New York, NY
Nov 2011
CANstruction 2011 – “Best Use of Labels”

IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton took part in the Canstruction 2011 competition and won "Best Use of Labels" for our structure titled QR Can - Link to Fight Hunger. The main ingredients were Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna & Crown Prince Solid White Tuna.

Our mission statement was: Quick Response (QR) Codes are popping up almost everywhere such as in social media, advertisement, and even on boarding passes. QR Codes give consumers immediate access to information that is linked with each unique code. Anyone who has a camera and a barcode scanner app on their Smartphone will be able to simply snap a picture and they will be automatically linked to a website, text, phone number, or SMS. Our design will provide a code to Canstruction’s website ( so one can make a donation quick and easy. Our goal is to support and spread the word of Canstruction’s mission to help fight hunger. We hope that with our structure we increase more traffic to the website which would increase donations and hunger awareness.

Canstruction is an international charity competition where architects, engineers, contractors and students they mentor, compete to design and build giant structures made entirely from full cans of food. At the close of the competition all of the food from the New York City competition will be donated to City Harvest.


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