Dalton School Library RenovationDalton School Library Renovation.Dalton School Library Renovation.Dalton School Library Renovation.
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Dalton School Library Renovation

New York, NY

IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton completed an award winning renovation of Dalton's library, a space that had served as the school’s gymnasium prior to 1965. The new space now contains libraries for both the lower school and the upper school, both of which share a common central reading room. Careful attention to detail was required in order to meet current technological and functional demands for the tenth floor space.

The highly flexible space was designed with mobile stacks and tables that can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate a variety of school functions on a daily basis. Through the creative reconfiguration of the mezzanine and the adept integration of mechanical and lighting systems into the existing structural grid, the project team succeeded in introducing new infrastructure, multimedia capability, and acoustical design elements into the highly constrictive 15.5’ high space.