Hato Rey Federal Campus Master PlanHato Rey Federal Campus Master Plan.Hato Rey Federal Campus Master Plan.
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Hato Rey Federal Campus Master Plan

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The master plan for the existing 23 acre Hato Rey federal campus in downtown San Juan, Puerto Rico develops a land use and circulation strategy that unites an existing federal office building and courthouse with three proposed new facilities. These include a secure federal agency office building, a new childcare center, and a new federal garage with associated access and roadway improvements.

The Master Plan addresses objectives of the project while furthering design innovation and contextual concerns. IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton re-established a ceremonial entrance for the federal campus and set ISC Level 4 security perimeters in place. Secure and separate access points and a screening facility were planned.

Respecting the original vocabulary of the site, the master plan achieves an overall cohesive aesthetic that respects context while allowing for growth and change. IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton designed the new net-zero energy consumption federal garage for the campus, the first of the new facilities to be completed.

The west façade, its most prominent and public face, scribes the open lawn of the Federal plaza and guides one from the entry gate to the Federal complex. Piers are used along the perimeter to demarcate the structural module, to express verticality and create depth to the façade. In lieu of concrete fins, the garage uses resin blades, creating a secondary rhythm of vertical articulation. These blades appear lightweight, translucent, and represent a more contemporary aesthetic and modern technology. These resins fins will mottle the light during the progressive phases of the day and the progression of the seasons. The radial nature of the plan will assure that the perception of the façade will be ever-changing as one moves through the site and varies one’s viewpoint.