Times Square Subway ComplexTimes Square Subway Complex.Times Square Subway Complex.Times Square Subway Complex.Times Square Subway Complex.Times Square Subway Complex.
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Times Square Subway Complex

New York, NY

The third and final phase of the rehabilitation of the Times Square Subway Complex involved the complete renovation of the shuttle station, which is an integral part of the heaviest-used station in the NYC Transit system. The project involved the realignment of existing tracks and train operations at both Times Square and Grand Central, including a significant structural reconfiguration and framing of the station roof at Times Square. The station mezzanine was significantly reconfigured creating clear paths of travel, ease of access to and from the station complex, and seamless connections to existing parts of the mezzanine of both expression and materials. Historic and notable elements of the original station, built in 1904 were prominent gestures of the new design.

Significant enhancements made to the shuttle area included: The change from a 3-track to a 2-track train operation; re-alignment of tracks from the existing radial configuration to a more linear operation that removed the reliance on hand operated gap fillers; the simplification of customer circulation, access, and wayfinding; incorporation of new stairs improved street access; and overall improvements to the customer environments and transit experience.