• EPA Ronald Reagan Office Building

EPA Ronald Reagan Office Building


DC, Washington

The Environmental Protection Agency National Headquarters project incorporates flexibility, technology and the client’s unique environmental objectives. This project utilizes a variety of strategies for providing a clean and environmentally responsible setting, as well as an appropriate home for both administrators and scientists. The design team developed the following environmental objectives through close consultation with the client: (1) provide a healthy, productivity enhancing workplace; (2) minimize both energy consumption and the day-to-day exploitation of other natural resources; (3) reduce global environmental impact throughout the design and construction process by using building materials and finishes with recycled content and other products specifically manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner.

The EPA offices occupy approximately 30,000 sf on each of seven floors. Corridors run along the exterior walls on two sides, while the other two sides are controlled by blocks of partitioned spaces. In the plan’s interior, office blocks are fitted with clerestory windows to allow for natural daylighting.